With yoga and meditation I keep my feet on the ground, my head in the clouds and my heart open. I’m grateful for everyday life’s little miracles.

I love to teach private classes and small groups. Yoga is so much more than streching, breathing exercises or getting fit. It has nothing to do with the social media pictures, so forget all your believes that you’re not flexible or skinny or something enough to start.
You are worthy. You’re allowed to take time for your mind, for your body, for your own wellbeing! When you take care of yourself,  you can help others better, be more present for your family and carry the work pressure easier.

I’m a fresh air lover, meditation junkie and beach walk addict.
I love to collect notebooks, I enjoy reading, long walks and talks.
I’m a big fan of Agatha Christie, beagle mom, stepmother for two grown-ups and my heart belongs to the man whom I met over 23 years ago at a petrol station. I also love horses, good food and my heart sings in forests.

I don’t teach poses, I teach you to listen to your body & mind. To find the true connection between them, so you can hear better what your body is telling you. It’s often wiser than  our mind, because we get confused with the voices in our head. Which one is my own, which one is my ego’s, which one is falsity from my childhood? Our pains and aches are stories about our life. Have you ever thought that maybe your stress is getting weight on your shoulders? Maybe anxiety is accumulating stifness to your hips, sorrow squeezing your breath? Maybe your lower back is aching because you worry so much?

I’m happy to share how to use yoga tools for your every day life and how to create little pieces of peace when ever you want, where ever you are.
For me, yoga is an attitude and a philosophy of life. I would love to share my yoga practice with you.