• Private Yoga & Meditation Classes
  • Tailor-Made Holiday Programs, including hiking trips & horse riding
  • Force-Free Dog Training and Pet Care
  • Copy-Writing & Content Creating Services (in Finnish)


Yoga teacher, fresh air lover, meditation junkie and beach walk addict.
I love to collect notebooks, I enjoy reading, long walks and talks.
I’m a big fan of Agatha Christie, beagle mom, stepmother for two grown-ups and my heart belongs to the man whom I met over 24 years ago at a petrol station. I also love horses, good food and my heart sings in forests.

I’m also working as Assistant Dog Trainer , organising tailor-made yoga, hiking and horse riding holidays since 2016. I’m originally from Finland, but now living in stunning Marbella. I have a blog, mainly in Finnish, and I also write for others.

I’m happy to share how to use yoga tools for your every day life and how to create little pieces of peace when ever you want, where ever you are.

For me, yoga is an attitude and a philosophy of life.
I would love to share my practice with you.