Yoga student, yoga teacher

I´m a teacher, but mostly I´m a student.
I´m a teacher, not a superhuman.
I´m a human with doubts and insecurities, with joys and sorrows.
I know that I don´t know and I really want to keep the beginners mind – it keeps my heart and mind open for receiving. It keeps my heart and mind open for sharing.
I´m starting an online Sadhana, as a student, with Satu Tuomela.
I joined her yin yoga teacher training few years ago. She is (ERYT500, Reiki master, Embodied Flow™ and Yin yoga facilitator) is one of the most influential and respected teachers in Scandinavia and has a big and loving Kula around the world.
I respect her in many ways, I think she has a lot to offer.
I´m also really interested in Embodied way, and I hope that I can participate Embodied Flow™ teacher training someday, even I have one RYT-200 training certificate already.
But you don´t attend for certifications, you take your place so you could learn.
You are never ready, although you are always enough.
Right now I´m teaching myself that I´m enough – it´s hard for me too!
Especially now when I can´t define myself via work, because I´m mainly studying – teaching myself that I don´t have to have a role or a tittle. I can just be me. And thats enough.This year is dedicated for myself.
So I could learn more, to teach you.
So I could learn more, to support you.

So I could find my true calling, and share it with you.

I love teaching, and I love being a student. I love to attend workshops, yoga classes, retreats – and I really love to arrange those.
I´m talking about the true calling – because I can feel it that the Universe has something else for me too, but I have to wait. I have to let go of my expectations first.
How long does it take? I don´t know. But I know that I still have a lot to do with my patience…

I´m grateful. When I`m grateful, I find grace, peace and love.

PS. I´m going to London next week. One of my dreams is coming true!
I have always wanted to see Agatha Christies famous play, Mousetrap – and now I´m going to! I just wrote about this dream few weeks ago, so manifesting works. So be careful what yoy wish for!

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